Purpose: This goal of this speech is for you to deliver an informative speech th

Purpose: This goal of this speech is for you to deliver an informative speech that raises awareness and increases audience knowledge about an object, process, person, concept, policy, place, or event. This is a skill you can apply both in your coursework and once you enter the workplace.
Task: In this 4-6—minute speech, you will select a topic and increase your audience’s knowledge or raise awareness about that topic. Be sure not to include any persuasive elements in this speech. Use one of the organizational patterns detailed in the textbook to organize your speech. You will need to do research in order to prepare and develop this speech. You should back up your thoughts with supporting material. Use the FIU Library resources to find credible sources for your speech. You should cite at least 3 sources using APA style both verbally in your speech and in your outline. Two sources should be academic and one can be non-academic. An outline is required for this speech. Please use the Informative Speech Outline Template to write your outline. A visual aid, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, or physical object/s, is required for this speech as well. Please see the informative speech and outline guidelines for additional details.
from customer (the video part is for me so ignore that but the research has to be long enough so that i can speak about it for 4-6 minutes and dont follow the word count that i put in the order, write as much as u think is nesessary. I just need an outline for the speech, a speech, and a visualaid. and you dont have to use the fiu library, you can use whatever resoruce you want. Also I linked the outline in the documents section. )

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