Please answer questions separately Short Answer/Essay on “A Girl Like Me” video

Please answer questions separately
Short Answer/Essay on “A Girl Like Me” video– Worth up to 20 points
Length & Formatting:At least 2 paragraphs for this – answer all questions (the more details you put, the more likely you are to earn extra credit points)
**Youcan use bulleted points if you prefer – just make sure you answer all the points below.
Girls / Women of Color & Beauty: “A Girl Like Me”
What are some of the beauty standards described by young women in the film, A Girl Like Me?
What do the young women in the film have to say about being “light-skinned” versus “darker-skinned”? How does this relate to the concept of “colorism” that we read about in Ch. 11 of the textbook?
Briefly describe your reaction(s) to this (remembering that you are to think & write like a sociologist – using a sociological imagination). You should be using as many sociology concepts and terms from the course as you can – making sure to apply them correctly in your writing.
How does this video connect to Monique Morris’ TED Talk and her book, Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools.
Explain the purpose of the Doll Experiment conducted in the film, A Girl Like Me. When was this experiment first conducted, by whom and for what purposes? What were the findings when the experiment was conducted again more recently? Extra pointsfor those who can incorporate more detail from the other resources that I posted in Canvas about this experiment.
Write a summary of your reaction to this film using a sociological perspective and what you’ve learned of beauty standards/racial identity. In other words – show me that you can relate the content of this video to the material in your text and perhaps other assignments that we’ve done in class.
Link to Video Clip: “A Girl Like Me” is posted on Canvas or can be accessed here:
Note: If the link doesn’t work – please search for “A Girl Like Me” video by Kiri Davis– and, make sure it’s about 7 minutes long.


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