Mini Project #2- Target Market Research- Statista Data Research Paper Total Poin

Mini Project #2- Target Market Research- Statista Data
Research Paper
Total Points: 75
In project #2, you will be reviewing market research from Statista Digital Market Outlook by Alexandra Rotar entitled, e-Commerce Food & Personal Care 2020
*Please use the PDF (Slides 1-23) provided in Module #2/Assignments Folder to help you with this assignment.
To understand the importance of target marketing and its use to determine how businesses will move forward to implement certain key marketing strategies.
Through analyzing this specific marketing data, you will better understand the effects that each segment has on all 3 global markets. This will allow you to see how businesses make sound decisions or forecast future growth.
You will be analyzing global data that embodies the effects of e-commerce in the Food(F) & Personal Care(PC) industry segments in the US, China, & European markets from 2019-2025.
This project is a written research paper. Please follow all directions in the order they are given.
· Minimum 7pgs. in length
o Colorful Cover Page- with name and course title
o Table of Contents
o Footer- Pg. #’s
o Headers for all topics
o Double Space/ 12pt. – Calibri- Font Type
o Reference Page – APA Formatting:
Cover page, Table of Contents, Reference pages do not count as part of the 7pgs. All paragraphs should be shifted to the left- no indentations for proper business writing.
Use the specific slides provided to answer in detail the questions that follow. Please complete these 8 items in order.
1. Provide an introduction to this project (1pg.)
2. Use Slide 6: Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) – What overall trend do you see happening globally between F & PC products/services from 2019-2025?
3. Use Slide 5: Business Forecasting- Knowing the trends in both F & PC, what product and marketing actions could firms do in order to meet the demands of these growing markets?
4. Use Slide 8: Market Size-shows Market Size of F & PC in all 3 global markets. Comparing these 2 slides, what trend forecast do you see happening from 2019-2025?
5. Slides 14-18: Market Domination- What company will dominate in PC & F sales and who will have the highest revenue growth in both segments from 2019-2025? /From this data, what would you conclude is happening in each of the 3 geographic areas in which these companies reside in that is driving growth to occur?
6. As the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a Food business, what geographic markets would you invest & target in online sales/Why?
7. As the CMO of a Personal Care business, what geographic markets would you invest& target in online sales? /Why?
8. Conclusion (1pg.)
Safe Assign Plagiarism checker will be used on all written projects.

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