Assessment 5 pages (at least) double spaced no larger than 12 point font no larg

5 pages (at least)
double spaced
no larger than 12 point font
no larger than one inch margins
You will be required to write a social issue paper about something that you have experienced.
You must choose one topic from the list below.
Topic 1: Your socialization experiences as a child focusing on learned gender roles
Topic 2: Your experience with stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination (based on race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, mental health, disability — including learning disability, and/or physical characteristics)
Topic 3: Your experiences with health/health care (think about access to health care/health care costs, or health and stigma)
Topic 4: Your experiences with social stratification/social inequity and access to educational opportunities
Paper Guidelines
Your paper should include the following headings (shown in bold).
I. Introduction to Topic
Clearly identify your topic
Discuss how the issue has impacted your life
II. Overcoming/Coping/Adapting
What have you done to overcome, adapt, or address the issue(s)?
III. Research
What does research say on the subject?
What have researchers found about how the issue has impacted people in our society?
What have researchers discovered about how our society has responded to such issues?
IV. Theory
Which sociological theory could you apply to your experiences? (Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism.) Use your book for guidance. For example, how did the chapter on gender socialization tie in theory?
Choose one of the three theories and relate it in some way to your topic. Use examples to further illustrate your understanding of the theory. Please sure to cite your textbook on the references page.
V. Website/Organization and Critique
Research various websites of non-profits, political, or educational organizations that address your topic with the idea/goal of reducing the problem on a societal level (for example, an organization created to promote gender equity/reducing the pay gap, or organizations to improve health and/or education access based on income inequality, or organizations that promote racial equality/tolerance).
Choose one website to research in-depth. Carefully explore the organization’s website.
Describe what the organization does. What are its goals?
What is one way the organization could improve? What additional resources could they offer, or what new goals should they address? Be specific. Pretend you’ve been hired by the organization to improve upon what they do. (Include the link to the website in your paper.)
VI. Conclusion
Wrap up your ideas; include your final thoughts.
(Please go back and read your paper and check for any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.)
VII. References
List your references alphabetically (by first author’s last name) in ASA format on a separate sheet of paper
Please note, the reference page is not counted toward the 5 (or more) page requirement.

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