As we learn in chapter 9, GAAP requires that research and development (R&D) cost

As we learn in chapter 9, GAAP requires that research and development (R&D) costs be treated as period expenses, prohibiting their capitalization. Because of this, when a company has an internally developed intangible asset, it does not show any value for it on its balance sheet. Only purchased intangibles, having a more identifiable value (cost) are carried as assets on balance sheets. Many in the accounting field and in business in general believe that this rule should be changed. These critics argue that it is possible to derive the cost of internally developed intangibles accurately and that the current rule is just unfair since it forces companies to leave off their balance sheets a right that will yield benefits over multiple future periods. For this DB, take a position for or against allowing companies to capitalize on the cost internally developed intangibles, then:
State your position and explain the reasons why you have taken it.
Explain why your position is superior to the contrary one, stating the advantages and disadvantages of both (use at least one referenced source other than our textbook to strengthen your point).

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