You are the head of analytics in your company. You are introducing analytics to

You are the head of analytics in your company. You are introducing analytics to inform the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. CSR is the method by which profit-making organizations integrate the ethical, social, and environmental interests of all stakeholders in their business decisions, operations, and objectives.
You will be assigned the “Whole Foods” companies:
Thoroughly research your company, citing a minimum of 10 original references, using APA format (Links to an external site.). Create an outline with detailed responses to each of the aspects of the assignment listed below. Use this resource (Links to an external site.) to guide your efforts. Your outline should be comprehensive, and enable the reader to understand the details of your thinking about each of the following:
· The vision, mission and strategy of your company. (I have written this part, please follow these to finish the rest part.)
Vision: Nourishing people and the planet. Setting the standards of excellence for food retailers. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market.
Mission and strategy
Sell the highest quality natural and organic foods.
Satisfy and delight our customers.
Promote team member growth and happiness.
Practice win-win partnerships with our suppliers.
Create profits and prosperity.
Care about our community and the environment.
· The organization’s current CSR strategy based on its most recent sustainability report.
· The contribution of your company’s CSR strategy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Links to an external site.).
· Analyze the external factors that impact the strategy and operations of your assigned company, using the PESTLE framework that you learned in Strategy and Analytics.
· Based on your PESTLE analysis, describe a project that will demonstrate how analytics can help your company advance its current corporate social responsibility strategy. A critical step in the change process is proving the value that analytics can bring. The first project should have a very clear goal, be limited in scope, and prove value in a short period of time, i.e. within a few months. Do not propose the implementation of a new CSR initiative. Your outline should include the following:
o The current area of your company’s CSR strategy that you are focusing on.
o The relevant data and information from that area.
o The analysis that you propose to prove that analytics can add value to CSR strategy.
o Alignment of your proposal with the vision, mission and CSR strategy of the company, and contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
· Identify the stakeholders for your proof of value project. You need to gain organizational support for your project before you can implement it.
· Identify the stakeholder groups who would support your proposal.
· Identify the factors motivating their support.
· Identify the stakeholder groups who would oppose your proposal.
· Identify the factors motivating their opposition.
· Based on your understanding of the stakeholders and their motivations for supporting or opposing your project, develop tailored communication plans for each stakeholder group.
· Which stakeholders will you communicate with? In what sequence?
· Describe the messages that you will use to persuade each stakeholder or stakeholder group of the importance and value of the first project.
· Describe how you will address both the rational and emotional concerns of the different stakeholder groups, and why you think these messages will be effective.
· Identify a sponsor for your project and the messages you will use to persuade this leader of the importance and value of the first project to him/her. Because your project is essentially a pilot, a leader of a function is the appropriate level of sponsorship; a c-suite executive is not an appropriate sponsor for a pilot project.

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