-Paper provides an explanation of the key psycho-legal issue (e.g., mistaken eye

-Paper provides an explanation of the key psycho-legal issue (e.g., mistaken eyewitness identification, jury decision-making, the bias in forensic science evaluation, etc.)
– Paper provides an accurate and complete explanation of key theories or theoretical explanations, drawing upon relevant literature. Applications of research/theory are included to illuminate issues.
– Provides evidence of broad and valid research with multiple and varied sources (two or more empirical articles).
– Combines and evaluates existing ideas to form new insights.
– Information completely accurate; all names and facts were precise and explicit.
You will use your new psychological knowledge about empirical findings from Psychology and Law research to evaluate the psycho-legal issue. For example, the series begins with Avery’s story of wrongful conviction based on faulty eyewitness identification. You can act as a memory expert and opine on what psychological science can contribute to inform jurors on eyewitness issues. There are many studies that you can cite to make your points.
The topic should be on a psycho-legal issue where science made or could make a contribution. The paper or presentation must demonstrate the use of relevant course material and independent research (e.g., Making A Murderer episode, studies posted on scientists’ websites). You must state what the legal issue/concern/problem is and how psychologists have studied/explained/assisted with empirical research or theorizing.
You must include at least two empirical articles (studies) to support your narrative. Student knowledge of the research and/or theory is very important, but it is not necessary to explain in very specific detail each of the studies you researched. You need to generally describe the key aspects of the studies or theories and mention the factors that are relevant to your point/issue/idea.

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