For this discussion, we will take an in-depth look into social media sites and a

For this discussion, we will take an in-depth look into social media sites and applications. You can find demographics and numbers of users at Spout Social (Links to an external site.). Choose three of them in your mind before you click to see the demographics of each specific site and then do the research to see what the number of users and the demographics of those users look like. Do they align with what you expected to see? Are the users more or less diverse than you expected? Did you expect different age groups, etc.?
Your original post should be configured to tell us which sites you looked at first. Then you should tell us what you expected for each site (say I did Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). I would begin by stating that I was looking at these three and that I expected Instagram users to be the youngest, Facebook users to be the oldest, and for Twitter users to fall in the middle. Then tell us what you found in your research and whether this aligns with or differs from what you expected. How does this change how we would target users of different social media sites/apps if we wanted to sell a product or service to them? Should your style, tone, language, use of graphics, document design, paragraphing, and language change based on the “actual” audience you learned existed from your research? Your post should be 200 words, adhere to APA standards, and provide a fair balance of words/attention to each social media site.
You should respond to a minimum of two student posts this week after completing your own. Can you offer suggestions about how you would approach things differently? Were you surprised by things they weren’t? Were your assumptions about the demographics of users correct?

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