At a job interview before I became a professor, the hiring manager asked me to d

At a job interview before I became a professor, the hiring manager asked me to do a spot assessment/analysis of their company’s web page. Thankfully, I had already done my research into the company and was somewhat prepared, but I had ten minutes to analyze the web page and then discuss what I felt were the strengths and weaknesses of the page. For this assignment, I am going to have you do something similar in order to better prepare you for both this possibility in a job interview and to tie together our work on visual rhetoric, rhetorical situations, AIDA, real world skills, and responding in AIDA format.
ubmission – You will submit a one-page memo that focuses on an analysis on the current web page and suggestions for any improvements you believe should be made. This should be in proper memo format (since it is interoffice communication), and one page is the maximum allowed length.
Reference – Locate a web page in your field of interest (based on your major) and provide the link for the page at the bottom of your memo. You will be analyzing this page’s use of visual rhetoric (Are there multiple pictures? Who are the people in them? Are the people reflecting diversity? What colors are the logo? What is the background color? How easy is it to read and navigate? Can you easily locate information? Etc.)

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