Shyla Betz Native American discrimination The Native American culture is widely

Shyla Betz
Native American discrimination
The Native American culture is widely discriminated against, and health care is not an exception. In my research, I found that male American Indians and Alaskan Native males have higher death rates than female AI/AN and non-AI/AN males. The lack of healthcare and discrimination are the main causes. Although this article told me that healthcare is a reason, as well as feminine bias, is a cause it didn’t go into detail as to why they occur.
After reading Tonya’s post I learned that the Native Americans have some of the worst health care due to a history of poor health, lack of education, and communication barriers. This added to my understanding by informing me that this group can’t even find health insurance companies to cover them because of their poor health outcomes along with them being a racial minority. Next Hannah’s post taught me that there was a US policy put in place that forced NI/AN to relocate from their land. This caused a lot of mental health issues among this group and on top of it, the same policy makes it difficult for them to get the mental health services they need.
Unit Project: Native Americans and Health Care Article Analysis and Discussion (required Due 6/26 11:59pm)
20 points fo the total 75 for this Unit Project
For the second part of the assignment you will:
Read TWO of your classmate’s posts and respond to their research critically examining what you learned from their research. Does this add to your understanding of why Native Americans experience poor health indicators? Explain. (10 points)
Required Textbook: Stark State College. 2020. Cultural Diversity. Norton.

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