Research Paper Proposal Assignment In my Research paper, I plan to convey to us

Research Paper Proposal Assignment
In my Research paper, I plan to convey to users on social media platforms how
they can be able to turn a profit by becoming a social media influence or content creator.
I also want to explain how users, young and old are able to capitalize off of a huge social media following on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, and other various social media platforms. In my Research paper, I plan on providing a layout of self-promotion ideas techniques, Outline techniques to grab the attention of big brand names to obtain a paid sponsorship opportunity. Explain how advertising opportunities help get your content circulating to a specific group/audience. I also want to find out just how much money there is to be made. Lastly, I want to explore the opportunities outside of social media that can be unlocked by becoming a social media influencer.
I plan to target social media users like myself. People who simply just use social
media as a pastime or who have none to a very little fan base outside of their friends and family and hoping to expand. I want to reach people who have not yet explored the possibility of becoming a social media influencer. I also want to target readers who are interesting in making big money via social media platforms by promoting their craft or business but may not be aware of the opportunities that some of these social media platforms provide for small businesses. The research needed to provide readers with valuable information on making big money as a social media influencer includes analytics from said social media platforms, How to produce high-quality content.
Further research in current FADs and trends. Start-up cost needed for promotional advertisement. This research can be done simply by visiting the pages of several small businesses and accounts of social media influencers. Also, I am interested to know exactly what marketing firms and companies look for in social media influences. What is the standard criteria for being sought for a promotional advertisement?
Thesis Statement:
In 2021 Social Media Influencers are on the rise, Now capturing the attention of Marketing and Advertising firms, Learn how to tap into this growing industry and make big money by improving the quality of your content.
This will be a process analysis research paper highlighting several methods on how to gain the attention of advertisement and marketing firms.
Research Paper Format
main points —
a – how to create and/or improve the quality of your content.
b – how to increase your following
c – what type of content can you monetize off of and what type of content will capture the attention of said marketing/advertisement firms.

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