Option 1: Create a Mayan Glyph This resource http://www.famsi.org/research/pitts

Option 1: Create a Mayan Glyph
This resource http://www.famsi.org/research/pitts/MayaGlyphsBook1Sect1.pdf explains how glyphs work and give you a chart to find glyphs.
For credit, please submit a picture of your glyph as a new post/thread.Next to or at the bottom of the picture, explain to your classmates why you chose these and what they image means to you. Then, reply to at least one of your classmates’ projects for full credit.
An easy way to understand how to make your name into glyphs is to look at this example:
Mayans pair every consonant with a vowel. On the left side of the chart is the consonant and across the top are the possible vowels.
My name is Jessica. So, when I look at the glyph chart I need to find the glyphs that match Je / ssi / ca.
For Je, I look for J on the left side and then trace over to the column that represents e. The pictures there are the glyphs that mean the first syllable of my name!
Here is one version of my name (below). Since there are multiple glyphs that would work, I could have multiple versions of my name!
Option 2: Native American Totem
Explore this site’s repository of Native American Symbols.
As you scroll down, note that each entry is accompanied by a link to more images associated with the symbol and a longer description of what the symbol means.
Piece together at least 4 images that you feel represent yourself and create a totem pole that you then share with the class.
For credit, share a pic of your totem pole with the class. Next to or at the bottom of the totem pole, explain to your classmates why you chose these symbols/totems and what they represent to you.
Here is my example: (if you want to write to the side of your picture, click on the “image” symbol in the Moodle text editor (image properties) and select “alignment” – to the left)
I have always really been drawn to and fascinated with ravens. In Native American lore, the raven “signifies that danger has passed and that good luck would follow. ” This spoke to me because that is a good descriptor of my life. I have been through very hard times yet on the other side of those hard times I have come out very lucky.
I selected the mountain range because I feel very comfortable and “at home” in the mountains. I like how on my totem the raven it looks like the raven is flying over the mountain range. Maybe I also like the mountains as a symbol because I have overcome so many things in my life.
My passion is traveling, so when I saw the saddlebag symbol and learned that it = journeys I knew that had to be a part of my totem pole.
I was drawn to the symbol of the eye of the medicine man. I wondered why and think it is because I have always been enthralled by non-western healing methods and spiritual healing practices. I think I would really like to be a Shaman or a Medicine Woman! 🙂
Option 3: Voodoo Spell Exploration
**Note: this activity is purely for fun and as a form of study. We can be curious and enjoy learning about this, but we also want to be respectful. If this makes you uncomfortable please select one of the alternate activities above.**
One of the aspects of Voodoo that fascinates people the most is the spells! Fortunately, we have access to The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook and starting on page 124, the book features a series of commonly used spells. Go to Chapter XIII: The Spells in the table of contents and peruse the various types of spells collected here. If you see one that piques your interest (or a few, for that matter!), go ahead and read about them. Then, share the following with your classmates:
Which spell did you find most interesting? Copy and paste it here for everyone to review.
Why did you find this spell interesting?
What has this taught you about Voodoo culture?
What questions have arisen in your mind as a result of this study

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