Find an advertisement for a product/service that you find interesting. Your job

Find an advertisement for a product/service that you find interesting. Your job will be to analyze the ad and tell me about what the firm is trying to accomplish in its segmenting of the market, its target market, and its positioning within the market. Be sure to include a link to the ad or a copy of your ad with your write up. No Page Limit; I would expect the average paper to be 4 pages, double- spaced. Formatting: No formatting requirements whatsoever, except that you provide a header for each of the five sections. If you cite something, make it so that I can ascertain where the information comes from. You should be graded on the quality of your responses, not on your ability to follow some arbitrary set of rigid guidelines that do not positively impact your paper in any way. The 5 Sections of your paper should be (It’s important you clearly label the 5 sections with sub-titles): 1. (10 points) Tell me about the product that is being advertised Brand name What other products does this brand sell? In which product/service category(s) does this brand have an offering (give me a general overview, i.e. “Sony competes widely within the consumer electronics in headphones, TVs stereos, digital readers” etc. or “Tom’s shoes competes in footwear and sunglasses industries”? Be more thorough, but that is an idea of the min. of what I am looking for. What is the product? Within which product category does your product compete? What are the main competitors to this product? How effectively does this product compete within the category? 2. (25 points) Based on the advertisement you chose tell me how you think this brand/firm segmented the market (this is brief just to get you started on the next bullet point). What demographic segmentation do you think this brand used? What psychographic segmentation do you think this brand used? What behavioral segmentation do you think this brand used? 3. (20 points) What is the target market that this advertisement is directed toward? Use demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmenting to describe this target market or markets. Most importantly tell me why you believe this to be true. Build your case based on what you can get out of the advertisement that you chose. 4. (30 points) Finally, what the brand’s positioning strategy for this product? This to me is the most important piece of this assignment is telling me why you think that this is the case. Please construct a Positioning Statement (refer to our STP Step 5 material from Module 2) for the brand being advertised – how is this product positioned? What is/are the point(s) of differentiation from their primary/secondary competitors o If you had to describe the brand personality, how would you do so? 5. (15 points) Is this ad effective/compelling (remember to include a link to your ad). If you had to make one change to the ad to improve it (and you do for purposes of our paper), how would you suggest the company do this? What goal would be better accomplished by your suggestion(s)?

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