The paper must include the following elements: Introduction: Situation What is t

The paper must include the following elements:
Introduction: Situation
What is the topic or issue? Start with an attention grabber: an example, statistic, or historical context that
introduces the paper topic. Include these elements as appropriate:
• Describe the situation/problem/requirement. “Describe what the learners aren’t doing that they should be
(“performance-based”). Cite sources using APA as appropriate.
• Include elements from the Preparation Checklist and Learner Centered Strategy Starter List (Field book,
• Who needs to be part of the team? Who are key stakeholders? Target audience? Subject matter expert?
• Is the task more declarative or more procedural? Or a combination of both?
Body: Background
What is the background? Provide further information on why change is needed.
• Describe your hypothetical task analysis and learner analysis (Fieldbook Chapter 4 & 5). What did you do,
and what did you learn? How will this information shape your proposed training?
• Is it training, instruction, or education that is needed to get the learning outcome required?
III. Body: Assessment
Clearly present your assessment of needs including this type of information:
• Describe the deficits in ability, prior knowledge or motivation that need to be addressed.
o Give strong evidence from sources, including examples, details, and explanations to support your
points using in-text citations in APA.
• What training elements would ensure that the experience is learner-centered?
• Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the supporting point.
• Make sure that all the ideas in a paragraph are closely related to and further develop the supporting point
described in the topic sentence.
IV. Conclusion: Recommendation
Describe your proposed training to close the performance gaps. This should be aimed at “selling” your training
to stakeholders that have the power to approve the proposal.
• Describe the training you propose, including at least one measurable learning objective.
• Describe how the activities support either the declarative or procedural nature of the task(s).
• Describe how the key principles of readiness, experience, autonomy and action will be addressed.
• Restate your thesis from the introduction in different words.
• Provide a statement summarizing elements from your introduction about how your training fills the
performance gap. End with a powerful, meaningful final sentence that ties the whole point of the proposal
together (may refer back to the “attention grabber”).

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