You remember the day you passed your boards and became a licensed nurse practiti

You remember the day you passed your boards and became a licensed nurse practitioner (NP) like it was yesterday. It was exciting to think about the impact you could have on your patients’ health and how you could improve their quality of life with your expanded role working in the office of Dr. Martin, your collaborating physician. You felt confident in your ability to diagnose and to prescribe medications and treatments, and you felt especially comforted by the rapport you built with Dr. Martin over many years of practicing as a registered nurse (RN). Your comfort level waned when Dr. Martin announced her intention to retire in 2 months. Dr. Martin’s practice was part of a large physician network, and the practice administrator informed you that your new collaborating physician is at another location, and that you will be absorbing most of Dr. Martin’s caseload. The thought of single-handedly managing such a large caseload feels overwhelming to you, even though the practice administrator notes that many of your questions about your changing role will be answered in the coming months. Case Questions (See Rubric in the Syllabus to complete this assignment) 1. How might changes in the health-care system, insurance, and technology present challenges to your own self-care? 2. Feeling overwhelmed in your new role, you ask an NP from one of the other practices about the methods they use for self-care. The colleague suggested that you start by doing a self-assessment and then set some goals. How might this help you 3. What are some of the physical signs and symptoms that indicate increased stressors that you should note?

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