WRONGFUL DEATH – Explain what a dying declaration and its importance. – Explain

WRONGFUL DEATH – Explain what a dying declaration and its importance. – Explain what post-mortem lividity is and its significance in the homicide investigation. – Define manslaughter. – Identify the major motivations for suicide. – Identify and define the four modes of death that were identified in the text. – Discus the pitfalls in homicide investigations. – Explain the factors to consider when using body temperature to estimate the time of death in a homicide investigation. ROBBERY – Define robbery. – Identify the current trend in the occurrence rate of robberies in the past five years. – Identify five of the nine characteristics of robbery that were listed in the text. – Explain the responding officer’s duties and tactics upon arrival at a robbery scene where the suspects are still inside the store. – Identify the purpose of a neighborhood canvass. – Define method of operation and list ten M.O. characteristics for robbery. – List five different possible types of physical evidence found at robbery crime scenes. Sexual Assault – Define consent as it relates to sexual assault. – Identify the rate at which sexual assault is reported and list at least three reasons for the low reporting rate. – Discuss the significance of corroborating evidence in a sexual assault investigation and its role or necessity of corroborating evidence to sustain a conviction. – Identify and define the three general rapist’s approaches discussed in the text. – Investigators should attempt to determine the method of control used by the attacker in sexual assault cases. Identify and define the four levels of severity regarding control according to Hazelwood and Burgess. CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT – Define pedophilia and its treatment potential. – Identify the characteristics of the typical child molester. – Define and explain Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. – Identify and explain the differences between the preferential and situational child molester. – Identify the signs of physical abuse that officers should look for when investigating a report of abuse.

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