This is a 10 question chemistry quiz. Got 1 hour to finished it once you hit sta

This is a 10 question chemistry quiz. Got 1 hour to finished it once you hit start and need to log in to my school web to be done. I need a A on it to maitain my grade on this course. and the quiz cover :Know how to obtain a rate from data and how to use rate data to determine the rate law using the method of initial rates. Know what an integrated rate equation is for zero-order, 1st-order and 2nd-order reactions and be able to use them. Know what the half-life is for zero-order, 1st-order and 2nd-order reactions. Understand the relationship between temp., activation energy (Ea) and rate constant (Arrhenus eqn.) and the rate of the reaction. Understand how all this relates to collision theory and transition state theory. Understand mechanisms and how to obtain a rate law from a mechanism, rate laws for elementary reactions, recognize intermediates, and what molecularity means. Know what catalysts are and the four common characteristics of catalysts, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, how catalysts work and be able to recognize a substance as a catalyst or intermediate in a mechanism. Know how a catalyst affects rate and how this can be seen using the Arrhenus eqn. understand how to set up an expression for the equilibrium constant, K and how to use it. Understand how to set up K for heterogeneous equilibria (when you have pure solids and liquids involved in the equilibrium). What substances appear in the equilibrium constant expression? Gases and solutes in solution but not pure solids or liquids. How do you know if something is a pure solid or liquid? If there’s and (s) or (l) for the state symbol in the balanced equation. Know how to calculate K from conc. or pressures and vice versa using an ICE table. Understand the reaction quotient, Q, and how you use it with K to predict whether the reaction is at equilibrium or not and if not which direction does it proceed to reach equilibrium Know how to use an ICE table to calculate equilibrium conc. starting with initial conc. and the equilibrium constant, and know the K. Le Chatelier’s Principle

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