This assessment involves the investigation and examination of a management relat

This assessment involves the investigation and examination of a management related issue, concern or theory. The preference (although not limited to) is an investigation and examination of the learner’s employing organisation. This allows for development of the learner’s understanding of their own organisational and is an assessment that is typically valued by employers. Suggested Project Content The project must include a description of; the business environment; commercial activities of the firm; structure; role and activities of management; planning and decision making; findings and recommendations. Suggested areas of examination can include the principles of management and characteristics that contribute to managerial effectiveness. Analysing the primary activities of management: PESTLE analysis, planning, organising, leading, controlling etc. The difference of being effective and/or efficient. Marking • Academic style, referencing 10% • Report Content & Knowledge (Theory) 70% • Originality 20% Word Count 2, 500 word count in an essay style (10% +/-) Instructions • You are required to submit your work to TurnItIn. • Harvard referencing must be used. • The report must be typed in Times New Roman font size 12 using 1.5 line spacing. • It should include wordcount, plagiarism declaration, and bibliography.

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