The purpose of this assignment is to explore a contemporary social welfare conce

The purpose of this assignment is to explore a contemporary social welfare concern (e.g., climate
change, homelessness, immigration) and analyze its historical context. Specifically, your paper
should include critical analysis of the following:
1. Provide a brief overview of the social welfare concern, including current scope and
impact. Be sure to address how issues of oppression contribute to differential impact for
certain populations.
2. Using course concepts, explain how this concern constitutes a form of injustice (e.g.,
human rights, economic, environmental).
3. Trace the history of the concern as it developed. Identify the strategies and claims used to
elicit public support for the issue. Who were the major players in that work?
Be sure to describe the historical involvement of the social work profession, citing specific examples of how their work not only led to positive change but also exacerbated unjust conditions
for vulnerable populations.
4. Discuss why you chose this social welfare concern and how your social location and values impact your perspective.
This paper should be four to six pages, substantially integrate at least five sources, including one outside source, and adhere to proper APA formatting (7th ed.).

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