Read the Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT) User Guide complete

Read the Patient Education Materials Assessment Tool (PEMAT) User Guide completely.
Choose one piece of health educational material or public service announcement: either written (e.g. PDFs or other documents) or electronic; no websites or podcasts.
Select the appropriate scoring tool, either PEMAT for printed materials or PEMAT for AV materials.
Score your selected health educational material using the scoring tool.
Write a reflective essay related to your experience of scoring the educational material addressing the following areas:
How can the lack of health literacy or addressing the issue of health literacy affect patient outcomes and patient engagement/activation?
What is the connection between understandability and actionability in health educational materials? Why is important to address both of these areas?
Lastly, discuss the experience (was it difficult, easy, what did you learn, etc.) and answer the following questions:
Were you surprised with the resulting score?
How can you implement this knowledge in your future nursing practice?
You should have at least two references. One for your educational material and one for the tool that you used. You may also have additional references if appropriate.

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