Please look and follow direction from the attachments. The topic title is regard

Please look and follow direction from the attachments. The topic title is regarding cancer prevention. I also posted below the topic title sentence that goes with the abstract paper. This paper can be 120-250 words. Please let me know if you have any other question regarding this assignment The effects of preventing cancer: diet, physical activity, obesity and related cancer risk will be taught through Health Consultancy Programme. A convenience sample of 200 female, ages 18-25 years, were selected in Houston, TX from Texas Southerland for the prevention of cancer for one year from June 2021 to June 2022, to educate cancer patients on how dietary fibre can prevent cancer disease by using descriptive stats of totals and percentages comparative measures associated with dietary changes and health outcomes like weight changes, weight loss was measured using the BMI calculator type calculatormatik. The participants use the BMI calculator once every six months to record the body’s progress in relation to height. For example, if BMI is between 18.25-24.9, it indicates a healthy weight, but anything more significant than 25. is failing using the Intrapersonal Transtheoretical Model. Measurements are recorded as weight per the unit square height of an individual.

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