Original Post (~400 words) First, choose a material setting — a locale on the ea

Original Post (~400 words) First, choose a material setting — a locale on the earth’s surface — for your observations. This can be an interior locale, such as your living room or bedroom (or dorm room); or an exterior setting, such as the street you live on or frequent, a park, even a parking lot. Don’t go much beyond these examples or the assignment will be more difficult to do. Important: The place you choose must have been previously occupied. If you are the very first tenant in a new apartment building, choose a different place to analyze because you cannot fulfill the assignment. Having chosen your setting, carefully observe all the human-made things within it: portable objects, furnishings, structures (outside), fixed features large and small. You might want to make a general list. Now organize those human-made things in a general sequential order. What had to come first, before other things? For example, if you see a car on the street, the street came first. If you have a stack of books on your desk, the desk came first and the books — in order of their stacking — came afterward. And the floor came before the desk. Finally, do you observe any traces of previous uses or occupations that have been mostly erased or covered over? Are there bits of paint from old graffiti on an exterior wall? Fragments of paper where flyers had been stapled to a kiosk? The staples? Is there tape on your dorm room wall from posters that once hung there? Holes in the wall from picture hooks that were ripped out? Indentations in the rug from someone else’s heavy furniture? Traces of earlier paint colors on the wall, especially if you look behind the electrical plates? These are all evidence of the palimpsest nature of your everyday life, mostly taken-for-granted if even noticed at all. In your original post, report in essay form (sentences organized into paragraphs), in standard English: Your chosen locale How you were able to organize the material things you observed as forming a sequential order in time, and The palimpsest-like traces of earlier uses or occupations of that space.

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