I need to answer 2 questions in two short videos to get accepted to a university

I need to answer 2 questions in two short videos to get accepted to a university. I am applying to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program, and they want me to record two short videos and answer these two questions: 1) Hi! Please record a video and tell us about the skills and knowledge you bring to this programme.
2) In a short video, please tell us what your future goals as a tech professional are and how this programme helps you achieve them.
This is the link to the programme I am applying: https://elu.nl/ai-machinelearning/
I am also sending the admission essays this website wrote for me to you. You can get help from reading that also.
I also answered the questions, and you can improve them and make them perfect. Please make it fantastic so I can get accepted to the program.
Please write the best two responses possible for two questions. I want to get accepted to this program, and I need to record two good videos answering these two questions. Please write the responses in a way that I can record the answers in a video answer.

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