Here is the link to the site:

Here is the link to the site: HubSpot Inbound Sales Certification Training Lessons Once you create your account, click on the title above (It will take you to the Inbound Sales lessons) or search “Inbound Sales” certification. You can search “Inbound certification” on HubSpot. Click “start the course” to watch the Inbound training lessons at your own pace. ***If you wish to watch all the training videos at once, and take the certification exam earlier than the due date, you may do so. I Strongly encourage you to complete the lessons early and take the certification exam as you have a good chance of failing the exam the first time taking it. If you fail the exam, make sure to download the breakdown of the correct/incorrect ones to study. You can take your certification exam again 12 hours after the previous attempt PLEASE BE SURE TO SCREEN SHOP OR USE SNIP TOOL TO COPY THE CERTIFICATE AND UPLOAD IT AS THE ASSIGNMENT. * * * LOG IN INFO will be provided.

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