For this assignment, choose only ONE of the following topics below and address t

For this assignment, choose only ONE of the following topics below and address this in your paper:
Find studies concerning the compliance of scanning medications and the prevalence of staff using work-arounds to avoid scanning processes. Identify ways to increase to increase compliance and educate staff about the importance of these scanning processes.
Discuss the implications that an increasingly connected and standardized EHR system could have on the issues of cost, patient privacy, ownership of records, and maintenance of standards of care.
Research the components of technology as it relates to mobile health applications and assess how technology is promoting or hindering the advancement of mobile health applications. Assess patient and provider use of mobile health applications as it relates to cost and access.
Use the following format to write your paper:
Required Content (to be included in the Paper as level one headers)
Introductory paragraph (title of your paper)
*Discuss the impact of your chosen topic from above on healthcare and nursing practice.
Perform a literature review that includes nursing research articles that discuss the topic. Describe how you found your articles.
Discuss your findings of your search briefly. Was there too little or a lot about your topic?
Introduce what you will write about in the rest of the paper. Use level two headers when necessary.
Ethical & Legal Considerations
*Discuss one significant ethical and legal consideration related to the topic.
Impact on Patient Care of Diverse Populations
*Describe the impact of this topic on patient care of diverse populations, communities, families, and individuals.
Evidence for Nursing Practice
*Examine the potential of this topic to produce evidence for nursing practice.
Write a 800-1000- word, APA formatted (Excluding title page & reference page) scholarly paper addressing your chosen topic from above.
Have at least 2-3 non-text references, which should be from an English titled peer-reviewed nursing journal less than five years old.

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