Directions: Search an online database for an article from a professional journal

Directions: Search an online database for an article from a professional journal about teaching evidence-based practice, preferably a research article on any subject related to healthcare (not restricted to nursing). Make sure it contains strategies or methods for TEACHING (like described in the assigned chapters).
Select one from these two categories:
academic settings (colleges and universities); or
clinical settings (hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc).
You may have the same article as someone else, but you should both post your own discussion original thread. The topic does NOT need to be related to your EBP subject, although it is OK if it does.
Suggested databases:
Health and Medicine: CINAHL
Education: ERIC
Nursing Full text: OVID
Go to FSCJ Library/Learning Commons, (link opens in new window) choose “Search Library Materials at FSCJ” and select “Databases by Subject,” “Health and Medicine,” then select CINAHL, ERIC, or Nursing Full text OVID.
Save the Full-Text Adobe file of the article and attach it to your discussion board thread. Create a new thread on discussion board that addresses:
In the first sentence, cite the source in APA format. Example: Jones and Barlett (2015) described a program… At the end of the paragraph, include the full reference for your article.
Type of study and level of evidence ( you can expect many of these types of articles to be Level VI Descriptive or Level VII Expert Opinion unless they state otherwise)
Summarize purpose and major findings of article
Describe the teaching strategies that were used in this article and how effective you think they were.
What implications does this article have to teaching others about your EBP project?

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