Construct the items and response choices for the instrument (can either be in mu

Construct the items and response choices for the instrument (can either be in multiple choice, true/false, rating scale, and/or open ended question format). Include an introduction to the instrument (e.g. what the test is proposing to measure and why) and explicit instructions on how the instrument should be completed by the participants. Use the Diem (2002), Derrington (2009), and Siebert (2002) websites to assist you in your item and test construction. Information gathered from sources must be appropriately cited on the References page, following APA guidelines. Your test submission should include a title page and a References page (if sources were used). Although not required for this week’s written assignment, you will need to administer your instrument to three to five people (e.g., family members, friends, etc.) before the beginning of Week 6. Please ensure that each participant reviews the consent form (which should include the instructor’s information and student’s name) provided in the Assignment folder for this week (See Participant Consent Form download). Since this proposal is completely anonymous, you will not be required to return the consent forms, but will receive credit during Week 6 for acknowledging in the final proposal that you presented this to your participants. If you choose to return the consent forms, submit it as a separate attachment rather than in the body of your assignment.

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