Comments from Customer Why i should get a second opportunity to be in extern for

Comments from Customer
Why i should get a second opportunity to be in extern for M. A and not get terminated
I am a single parent with 2 kids. I have been through so much in this past year alone while putting myself through college to become a Medical Assistant. I worked fulltime during the day while going to school at night. Doing what needed to be done for my little ones while trying not to pass up deadlines. Sadly I had a passing in my family which almost killed me because he was my 1st nephew out of 21 kids.
I also had several anxiety attacks, the first one almost killed me but a week later I went back to school and kept going.
The reason why I have to write this essay is because I was terminated from externship site because the first day my 2 year old ruined my scrub top so I wore a black shirt, 2nd because I asked to leave an hour early cause it was free day at the children museum but supervisor said I had to do that on my own time so I cancelled the plans, last because I over spoke when they wanted me back checking in patients even the possible covid patients too but houston is blazing hot and standing out there for 5 mins is not good for my asthma or my breathing. I asked if I could be in the back to start my hands on experience with the patients but they saw that as being rude and unprofessional so that was the last straw there as soon as I went to lunch I received the call saying that I been terminated from the site.
I am a hard and dedicated worker even with having 2 kids to support. My boss let me go from work 2 month prior so I have stretching everything I have. I am In the verge of being evicted because I am now 2 months late on rent but I am still pushing cause I am graduating at the end of july so you see with all this going on I am still willing to keep going.

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