Assignment: ANA Position Statement Paper Go to

ANA Position Statement Paper
Go to and read ANA’s Ethics and Human Rights Position Statements for 2015 through 2018. Select one position statement of your own choosing, read the “Full Position Statement”, and write the following paper.
Write a minimum of 1000 words that address the following:
In your own words, provide a summary of the ANA Position Statement you chose.
Analyze a scenario where this Position Statement would apply in nursing practice. Include a description of the patient situation, involved individuals – patient, family, nurse, and physician. You may select a scenario from current events, news stories, or an ethical case study that already exists. You may create a fictional scenario or use one that you know of personally.
Describe the ethical values in conflict.
Describe what you believe is the correct action and defend your decision based on ethical theories/systems and ethical principles.

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