My grandmother has alzheimers. I would like to tie in how my first true experien

My grandmother has alzheimers. I would like to tie in how my first true experience with “medicine” was watching her forget who I was before my very eyes, and relying on doctors and a healthcare team to get her to remember again. Her illness is what exposed me to the field of medicine, and it was through this experience that I got a closer look at the role players in the healthcare team, and where I fell in love with the physician assistant profession. I need a very catchy hook sentence in the first paragraph, smooth transitions from once concept to the other, and a conclusion that ties it all in. Talk about how this exposure to medicine as a child left me curious, and how I used experiences such as volunteering at a mobile health clinic and becoming a medical assistant satisfy this curiosity by giving me a firsthand look into how medicine is practiced. I grew up hating medicine because I saw my grandmother sick, but by partaking in these experiences at the end it made me realize i love medicine because it gives me the opportunity to help others in the same situation as my grandmother and increase their quality of life.

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