Group Research Topic Draft Outline (Worth: 10 points) Group members will be resp

Group Research Topic Draft Outline (Worth: 10 points)
Group members will be responsible for choosing a research topic germane to the course. This assignment is designed to prompt an early start to the ‘Group Research Paper’ assignment. Students will be responsible for the development of a 1-2 page outline.
A sample template will be provided for students to use as a guide (see attached).
REMEMBER: Topics must be within the scope of the course (between pre-Columbian times to 1860s). There are endless options; however, be sure to rope the topic back to MAS. Further details discussed
Sample Draft Outline – 141A.pdf
As per the syllabus, student
groups will be responsible for crafting a final research paper that will
be completed by the end of the semester. In the interim, students will be working on drafting an
outline intended to become a part of the final research paper. Please be sure to edited the paper
draft throughout the semester in order to shape and produce a university-level written final
research paper.
Given the structure of the assignment, students shall select a topic that is of interest, but also
germane to the course. Student topics will cover any historical event discussed in CHIC 141A
between Pre-Colombian civilization (10,000 BC) and the American Civil War (1860s).
Lists of possible essay topics are listed below. Students are not limited to the topics posted here.
§ Why and how did the Aztecs come to dominate what became “New Spain?”
§ Why was it possible for Cortez and the conquistadors to defeat, then rule, so many people?( I choose this topic)
§ The Aztecs were remarkably sophisticated in many ways: city building, a calendar, mathematics, etc.; re-tell the
emergence of Aztec intellect.
§ Who was Cortez? Motecuhzoma? Did Cortez really fight for both “God and Gold”?
here is the link for more topics.file:///home/chronos/u-1fc6995cff16c7a1a2fef01cfc95e44cdb95b412/MyFiles/Downloads/Sample%20Draft%20Outline%20-%20141A-1.pdf

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