Using the information from your assigned readings, the self-paced tutorial and y

Using the information from your assigned readings, the self-paced tutorial and your completed OCAI assessment, discuss the following in a 2-3 page paper. Title page, references, and OCAI appendix not included in the page count.
Paper should be double-spaced using APA format. Two (2) peer-reviewed journal and at least one (1) assigned course reading references.
1. In which quadrants did you note the greatest difference between current culture and future culture? What organizational changes are needed based on your OCAI scores?
2. In what quadrants do you see a need to increase emphasis? Decrease emphasis?
3. What does it mean to change in your identified quadrant (greatest difference between now and future)? 4. What will happen if change does not occur in this quadrant? Would these changes be substantial, transformative, incremental or evolutionary? Why? Identify two (2) specific, actionable strategies that are critical to changing culture with two (2) short-term and two (2) long-term goals. How will you measure success of these goals?
Must use the fillable template! Also, 2 references must come from these sources: Cordo, J., & Hill-Rodriguez, D. (2017). The evolution of a nursing professional practice model through leadership support of clinical nurse engagement, empowerment, and shared decision making. Nurse leader, 15(5), 325-330.
Sullivan, E. J. (2022). Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing. Pearson Education.

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