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New Post by Jennifer Hudson-Bissette
I found a job listing
for a popular fast-food chain seeking a system analyst for their corporate
office. The job description stated that the position would focus on developing
and maintaining the systems used by the restaurant accountants in the finance
department. Some of the requirements included a Bachelor’s degree in the field,
good communication skills, experience with financial systems, team player,
leadership skills, and understanding of technical and business requirements.
If applying for this
job without any previous work experience in the field, I would put the focus on
my accomplishments in school or any projects or internships I had been a part
of. I would make sure to list all of the skills I possess that were
listed in the job description, as well as any others I think would make me a
good candidate. I could also include references from people who would speak
highly of me and my skills, such as professors. If I did have previous work
experience, that would be the main area of focus. I would give specific examples
of what I did in my previous job, what projects I worked on, and any awards or
One area I have always
struggled with in writing resumes is coming up with a clear objective. I would
really work to make sure I included a strong outline of what I would like to
accomplish with the company I am applying for, as well as short summary of what
I could bring to the table.
CIS220 DF:
New Post by Kesha Myles
thinking of any career path it is important to have a clear idea and
understanding of what you want to do as well as what companies and
organizations need or are looking for. As I research jobs for systems analysts
I accessed that a required skill was definitely an education requirement of a
Bachelor’s degree and or a minimum of 2-5 years experience in the related
field. Outside of the educational requirements, I found there were similarities
regarding job descriptions and potential job responsibilities that companies
wanted candidates to be able to handle and execute. For example, for a systems
analyst position with the City of Atlanta, they want candidates who possess
analytical, design, and problem-solving skills. The applicants need to be able
to construct and support application implementation development according to
business requirements. These are requirements that we have learned about and
discussed throughout this quarter. Other commonly requested attributes of
system analyst positions are that candidates must also have excellent oral and
written communications skills as well as the ability to work alone or within a
team environment. If I were to make adjustments to my resume I would tailor it
to highlight and mirror the requirements. I would have to wait a few more years
to qualify for a position but once I had the qualifying degree and experience I
might add details, such as those specifically stated in the job posting by the
City of Atlanta, by mentioning how I effectively “gathered and analyzed
information for a system implementation project. While also highlighting how I
successfully performed process and data analysis and testing to successfully
integrate software packages into the network environment”( City of Atlanta,
n.d.). At that point, I would have gained a wealth of additional working
knowledge and foundational experience that would help support the needs of a
business or organization.
City of Atlanta.
(n.d.). 2,000+ systems analyst jobs in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
(89 new). LinkedIn.

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