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Post by Bryanna Young
Sampling Design Decisions
Decisions on sampling
designs must be made after accurately calculating the research population and
what and who will be sampled for the study. Since the sampling method is
dependent on the sort of research, it will also be included in the sampling
design. When it comes to qualitative and quantitative research, there are
different sampling strategies used. This are of the project is very appropriate
as you need to identify your target audience and also how the sample may affect
your results.
Management Questions
The management
questions should be clear and easy for the readers to understand while also
drawing attention to the research problem. The management questions should also
inquire about the specific research challenges in which different solutions are
sought out. This is also a very important part of a project as you want to give
clear and straightforward questions that your audience will understand so
nothing seems biased or misunderstood.
Measurement Instrument
The measurement
instruments are things such as surveys, interviews, or experiments that may
analyze the different influences on people, clients, and the public. These
measurement instruments are utilized and are appropriate when gaining
credibility when presenting the project and gives factual information to back
statements that may be made.
Management Report
When presenting
research findings, you want to create them in a management report and submit
them in a manner that the other researchers have also followed. When presenting
this data, you want to keep the data at the center of the conversation while
also leaving an opening for communication and questions. These reports are very
appropriate as it helps keep everyone up to date on the schedule as well as any
issues that may have shown up.
315DF: Post by Madison Kight
Sampling Design
Decisions have to be
made when it comes to sampling design. The decisions need to be based on the
research that allows the company to narrow down the population that will be
doing the sampling. The sampling design must include the sampling methods that
will be used based on the research that will be completed. There are two
different research topics that much be researched. The two different types of
research topics are based on the quality and quantity of the product.
Management Questions
A management question
is used to specify what should be researched. Based on the management question
the research should be very specific and able to analyze. The different
questions are based on the research topics that needed to resolve design
Measurement Instrument
There are many
different measurement instruments that a researcher can use. Some measurement
instruments used by researchers are interviews and surveys. The research
measurement instruments are used to analyses the desire of the product from the
potential customers.
Management Report
the management report
allows the researchers to get an idea on what they should be looking for during
their observations. In order for the researchers to have a better understanding
of what they need the managers must create a report to give the researchers a
foundation and boundaries.
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