Identify the point made in the initial/posted comments to continue or start a di

Identify the point made in the initial/posted comments to continue or start a discussion. The student may do this by restating a portion of the discussion message associated with the response but should not use quotes for more than 25% of the response.
Make a unique contribution that demonstrates an understanding of the content, consideration of the other person’s position about the topic, and stimulate further discussion by the group with in-depth responses.
Using APA formatting, cite the article/researcher/author of the literature that provides the basis of the responses. Course level work is scholarly work and conclusions or observations that the student makes about a topic should be supported from literature. Avoid making “belief”, “I think” statements or describing personal experiences alone. Those are different from established knowledge or expert opinion statements.
Extend discussion into another relevant area whenever possible by adding new and current information found in the reading.
Discussion Topic
Let’s explore the political issue of abortion related to health care. Abortion is currently legal but may be restricted per state. This is consequent to the United States Supreme Court ruling in 1973 of Roe v. Wade. Abortion is also legal in many states around the world. Discuss your personal stand in relation to ethics. Margaret Sanger was a nurse. She was also a birth control activist and sex educator. Despite her positive contributions to American healthcare for females, it is said to be inspired by her philosophy of eugenics that a ‘better breed of humans would be created if the ‘fit’ had more children and the ‘unfit’ had fewer. What can nurses do to influence public policy policymaking process?

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