For Deep Dive, you will be choosing one of the topics covered thus far in class

For Deep Dive, you will be choosing one of the topics covered thus far in class and arguing WHY you think it is an important contemporary criminal justice issue. You will also explain how you would fix it.
Some Examples of Topics Covered Thus Far (Not an Exhaustive List)
Wrongful Convictions
Issues with how girls are treated by the system
Issues with parole and probation (e.g. high officer caseloads)
The Death Penalty
Homelessness due to Sex Offender Laws
Issues surrounding human trafficking Etc.
You will want to pick a topic that we’ve covered thus far and answer the following prompt in 3-pages double-spaced minimum. Please use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources other than the course textbook.
Writing Prompt
In your opening paragraph, explain 1) which chapter your topic comes from, 2) introduce the topic, and 3) set up your thesis statement (the point you will be arguing).
Example of a Thesis Statement: In this paper, I will explain that homelessness due to sex offender registry laws is an important contemporary criminal justice issue. Specifically, I will argue that sex offender registry laws should be overturned.
Second, provide a “Brief History of the Problem.” When did the problem begin in the U.S., according to your research?
Third, provide a “Statement of the Current Problem.” In other words, using your sources, explain why this is a current contemporary criminal justice problem (i.e., why does this matter NOW in 2022?).
Next, 1) explain your argument and 2) the policy implications of your argument.
Example of Setting up the Argument and a Policy Implication: In order to fix issues related to police involved shootings of people of color, I believe all police departments should invest in body-worn cameras. and have the footage live-streamed in real-time. (From here, explain why you think this is right path forward; be sure to use academic sources to back up your argument).
Finally, conclude your paper with a summary of what you wrote. This is not required, but also feel free to explain why you chose this particular topic (i.e., what personal connection you have to the topic). I have found that many of my students are personally connected to these topics in some way, so please know you can use the conclusion to share that information if you would like to do so.
Include a reference page in APA format.

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