ESSAY/RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT 1. Read the article summary of the article below: Comp

1. Read the article summary of the article below:
Companies Try Help-Wanted Ads on TV / By Suzanne Vranica | March 8, 2022 / Wall Street Journal
Summary: Long known for its television commercials aimed at convincing people to buy some of its pizzas, Domino’s Pizza is currently investing in television commercials to recruit employees. The tight labor market is forcing companies to be creative in how they attract talent, including investing in pricey national TV ads for leads for employees. Safelite is another company turning to television commercials for employee recruitment for the first time, and it has found TV advertising to be an effective tool in reaching job seekers. Domino’s uses the commercials to emphasize that an entry-level job can lead to owning a franchise and Safelite emphasizes opportunities for advancement in its ads. FedEx is emphasizing the significance of the work that its employees perform, resulting in more applications in one week for hourly positions than any other week in its history. Companies are also investing in partnerships with social-media influencers to attract applicants.
2. Conduct research to support your answers to the following:
How can employers most effectively use television commercials to attract talent?
What are the benefits and risks of using social media influencers as a component of a firm’s recruitment marketing?
What elements of an employer’s brand would be most important to you in deciding where you want to work?
3. Incorporate in-text Citations for Quotes, Summaries & Paraphrased Material to avoid plagiarism! It is very important, and will be a large part of your grade.
4. Best if written in APA style format, but not mandatory. The paper can only be submitted in the following formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf
5. The essay is worth a total of 132 points and must contain these parts:
Title Page should include your name, title, date, (15 points)
Body of Essay – VERY IMPORTANT: Use the three questions as your section headers! Your essay must comprise of 2 paragraphs per section.
In-text Citations for Quotes, Summaries & Paraphrased Material
References – minimum of 5 references excluding the original article.
A large part of the grade is based on in-text citations (giving credit to the original source) and paraphrasing (putting the original source/article in your own words, and not simply cutting and pasting into your essay).
Although the questions ask you to make an ethical argument, you answer in ‘third person’ and not in ‘first person’, so your sentences should not include “I” statements.
Instead of writing, “I would not do such and such….”, change it to state, “It is believed, or, Most people would, etc.”
This is not a paper of your opinion, instead state facts from your research.
The essay should include opinions of others based on your research to support your point of view.

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