Dear Writer, You must write essay response to this prompt for my sociology final

Dear Writer,
You must write essay response to this prompt for my sociology final exam. Please do make sure to thoroughly answer all of the questions. Feel free to message me at anytime if you have any problems/questions. Thank you in advance and good luck!
1) Describe and discuss conflict theory as we have covered it from the start of the course.
2) Choose one of the following areas of social life and utilize the conflict perspective to analyze it: Deviance, Family, or Gender.
3) Compare and contrast how conflict versus functionalist theorists view social inequality, and 4) illustrate both perspectives’ views of inequality with examples.
5) Finally, based on your understanding of conflict theory, how do you think a conflict theorist would analyze human population dynamics (covered in module 13) in the 21st century?
This essay is worth nearly half of your exam score, so use details and examples from the course, and any others you would like, to show me that you understand this topic.
Answer the following question thoroughly. Be sure to:
–Answer all parts of the essay prompt
–Explain all concepts you use from the class
–Always use an example to expand on your answer
–When in doubt about whether you have explained enough, explain more
–Remember that this essay is your opportunity to show all you have learned that is relevant to the essay question

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