Assignment Instructions Step One: We discussed several aspects of interpersonal

Assignment Instructions
Step One:
We discussed several aspects of interpersonal communication this week. Do a little research on one (1) of the following:
The Importance of Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Management
Step Two:
Explore how this topic relates to nursing. Find ways to use examples and evidence from personal experience and/or outside resources in your paper. Some questions to kick you off: In what ways are you having success in this topic? In what ways can you improve? In light of the readings this week, what might you do to have more success? How might you be able to help others?
Step Three:
Compose your submission using a word processing program (e.g. Word).
Structure your submission in a 5-paragraph essay. See the example. Example of 5-Paragraph Essay Download Example of 5-Paragraph Essay
At least 2 citations/sources must be used this week; 1 may be your weekly reading, however the other should be from an outside source (independent research).
Include the citation for your source in APA format in the body of your text, and on its own page at the end. This link (Links to an external site.)will help you format your citation into APA format.
Upload your submission to Canvas using the ‘Submit Assignment’ link in the top, right-hand corner of the page. Your submission should meet the following criteria:
Length: 5-paragraphs are required; each paragraph includes 4 sentences at-minimum.
Mechanics: Submission is free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
Formatting: APA formatting is used on the body (Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1″ margins). Each new paragraph is indented.
Organization:5-paragraph template is utilized. Three main points are present; body paragraphs are complete and supported. Paragraphs are organized logically, and transitions help the reader move from one main point to the next.
APA: Outside materials are cited in the body of the paper (in-text or parenthetical citations are used) and fully on a separate references page.

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