Topics are Conformity and Prejudice. I have attached summary of the topics as th

Topics are Conformity and Prejudice. I have attached summary of the topics as the pdfs from the textbook. No outside ssource is required since it is a personal application paper. Only textbook is used as a reference. Textbook: Social Psychology,13e by David Myers, Jean M. Twenge
You should select one or two central topics discussed during the semester and write about how the topic(s) is relevant to you and your life. For example, for the chapter on prejudice, you might write about a time you directly or indirectly experienced some form of prejudice. Alternatively, you could analyze a television commercial with an eye toward the material covering the use of persuasion to increase compliance. Remember, this assignment is intended to help you recognize how the material covered in class is personally relevant, as well as to encourage you to think critically about the concepts presented instead of passively accepting them as truths. Thus it is acceptable (and commendable) to include in your paper a discussion of the reasons why you agree/disagree with what the author is saying.
To reiterate, each paper must have the following two components: a review (including proper citation) of the concept from the text to be discussed; and second, your thoughts/feelings on this topic and a discussion of how it applies to your life including whether you agree/disagree with what the author has said.

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