Rogerian Position Letter -The Assignment: In a letter, use the strategies of dis

Rogerian Position Letter
-The Assignment: In a letter, use the strategies of discussing a shared problem, finding common ground, and examining pros and consof multiple perspectives to resolve a problem you are having inreal life with a current roommate/suitemate, or child/sibling/parent. You will be arguing for one feasible way to improve living conditions with a roommate or family member.
-Grammar/Mechanics: Overall, your letter should be written with care and consideration. It should not appear sloppy or feel rushed, with numerous, careless errors.Recurrent grammatical errors, especially fragment, run-ons, and comma splices need tobe at a minimum!
-Statement of Shared Problem / Claim: As objectively as possible, you need to state the problem that both of you face, your shared problem. Your claim should be relatively neutral and stress a desire to work together to try to resolve the issue you have chosen. Something like: “I know that if we work together, we can easily fix the problems we face sharing the bathroom” will work.
-Finding Common Ground: Within the context of the debate or even just in your relationship, you need to find a something that both parties can admit they share. This may be as simple as, “we are family, and I will always have your back.” Or, you can discuss at least one aspect of the problem that you and your roommate have in common, like the need for quiet when you’re doing your homework. Or, the need for personal space if you share a room with your sibling.
-Pro(s) and Con(s) Discussions: You will first need to address any of the strengths of their perspective, their pro(s). Next, you will need to discuss the limitations or the con(s)of your side. Finally, you will need examine the benefits of your side, or the pro(s) of your side, and show how it works, even though it’s not perfect.
-Significance: In the conclusion, you should discuss the shared benefits to resolving the dispute under debate. Address the positive results that resolution will bring to your relationship, for instance. You should both get some satisfaction, even if no one gets everything s/he wants.
-Formatting/Final Thoughts: I will be looking for what parts of the essay work well and which parts could use a little more attention. Be sure that your paper follows MLA rules for layout and format. Remember, too, that letters are addressed to a specific person(Dear Jennifer) and are signed by the writer (Your friend, Jamie).

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