Read the following article by David Treuer in The Atlantic magazine, May 2021.

Read the following article by David Treuer in The Atlantic magazine, May 2021. I have provided a pdf of the article and a link to the online version, which includes a way to listen to the article. It’s a long piece that offers a history of Indian peoples and nations in the century plus following the removal of Southeastern Indian nations from across the Mississippi River in the 1830s, and offers reflections on how that history of dispossession and cultural destruction might be remedied. His central argument is that national parks, like Yosemite and Yellowstone, should be placed in the care of the peoples who lived there before the arrival of Americans. It’s a powerful, factual and thoughtful accounting, with the goal of getting us to reflect on the history of the American government and Indian nations struggle, and a reminder that nations like the Lakota, Apache and Modoc and so many others, are still here and still struggling to have their voices heard.
Then, write an essay of no more than approximately 800-1000 words that reflects on the history that you learned and the proposal Treuer makes. Use the following guidelines for crafting your essay:
The essay must first explain, using at least three quotes from the article, what Treuer’s central argument is about why national parks should be returned to Indian nations.
Then, in the remaining sections of your essay, reflect on the article, the history you read and the argument Treuer makes. Your reflection needs to refer to the article and events, ideas, etc in the article itself. Good reflective work like this finds it’s basis in the reading, then extends beyond that factual framework into your own ideas.

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