Human services professional practitioners (HSPPs) work as case managers in a var

Human services professional practitioners (HSPPs) work as case managers in a variety of settings, such as substance abuse centers, schools, community mental health agencies, child protective services, disability organizations, and correctional centers. The overall purpose is to collaborate with a service user toward change. That change could relate to any number of facets of the service user’s life—financial, emotional, physiological, vocational—and for the most part, that change is not imposed upon them. The service user is an active participant in envisioning the change and taking the necessary steps toward it. In addition, case management practice is person-centered, keeping the unique needs and strengths of the service user at the forefront.
Post the two functions of case management that you consider most important, and explain why. Then, explain the two core values of person-centered planning that you find most critical in effective case management. Finally, identify one function of case management and one core value that you easily bring to the case management role and one that you need to improve. Describe how you might develop your skills in this area.

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