Topic is growing up an only child/growing up with siblings i need a thesis state

Topic is growing up an only child/growing up with siblings i need a thesis statement.
Once you’ve selected and narrowed your topic, you want to craft a good working thesis statement This is the one sentence in your paper that tells your reader exactly what your paper is going to be about. You should place it at the end of your introductory paragraph.
For a compare and contrast composition, you want your thesis to do at least two things: name the two topics you’ll be discussing and tell your reader what your method of development will be — are you comparing, contrasting, or both.
Then, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you might list the points of comparison you plan to discuss for each of your topics. Remember, they need to be consistent throughout the essay. If you’re going to talk about Point 1, Point 2, and Point 3 for Topic A, you need to discuss those exact same points for Topic B.
While the reading mentions two types of compare/contrast essays, you are writing an explanatory thesis, which explains the similarities and differences between your topics without judgment.
Remember, your thesis statement should be a complete sentence.
Finally, remember that a thesis statement:
Does not announce intentions, like “This essay will discuss…” or “The following composition will detail…” or “I am going to talk about…” A good rule of thumb — for the entire essay — is to avoid mentioning the essay itself.
Along those same lines, remember that you can’t use first- or second-person pronouns in academic writing, and this includes your thesis statement. First-person pronouns include I, me, mine, our, us, ours, and my. Second-person pronouns include you, your, and yours.
Your thesis statement should not be a question.
Your thesis statement should be a complete sentence.
Your thesis statement should be just one sentence, and that’s what you need to submit for this assignment.

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