The following criteria will be used in assessing essays: X. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Defin

The following criteria will be used in assessing essays:
1. 2.
Definition of the topic
§ Has the topic been clearly defined and directly addressed?
Structure of the essay
§ Does the introduction present a clear statement of issues to be covered?
§ Does the essay have a clear organisation in which a) the main points are developed logically; and b) the relevance of the material to the theme or
argument is clear?
§ Is there an effective conclusion that draws together the main points?
§ Is there evidence of adequate reading and research?
§ Has the question being answered?
§ Is the breadth of coverage adequate?
§ Are the issues and ideas analysed in sufficient depth?
§ Are arguments supported by evidence, examples, sources?
§ Are the arguments logical and consistent?
§ Are opinions based on evidence and/or logic?
§ Does the essay show evidence of original or independent thought?
§ Fluency and style of writing.
§ Spelling, grammar, paragraphing.
§ Presentation of data: effective use of figures, tables, quantities etc. § Neatness and legibility.
§ Sources and references correctly acknowledged and presented.

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