James (3.5 years) attends preschool 3 days a week. He taught himself to read at

James (3.5 years) attends preschool 3 days a week. He taught himself to read at 2.5 years and
attempts to read everything he can find, including books in book corner and signs for parents. He
prefers to spend time playing independently or engaging with his educators. He recently
completed an IQ test that identified him as being in the gifted range. His parents are feeling
overwhelmed and would like to find out how to best support and engage James. They would like
to meet other families who are on a similar journey.
For this assessment, you will need to:
Use the Case Study of James to:
 Identify, describe and analyse the range of resources and services available to support
the education of young gifted and talented children in Australia.
 Apply early childhood perspectives to analyse the suitability of gifted education
resources and services for young children.
 Assess the suitability, accessibility and availability of the resources and services.
 Identify and discuss barriers that may prevent parents and children from using the
resources and services.
 Formulate recommendationsfor improvement of gifted education support services
particularly for disadvantaged and vulnerable children and families.

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