Instructions provided by a professor: “Overview: You will write an essay on a to

Instructions provided by a professor:
You will write an essay on a topic related to the myths and legends of East Asia. This Myth Study will build on the work you have already done for the AS1 ‘Annotated Bibliography’. You are expected to demonstrate that you have: 1) acquired a substantial grasp of the topic and related scholarship; 2) carefully and critically read your chosen sources; and 3) have formed your own ideas and interpretations which you will present in an essay that makes a specific argument.
This assessment requires you to write a 3000-word essay related to the myths and legends of East Asia.
An essay based on modern secondary scholarship. This could be an in-depth study of a particular myth or legend in China, Korea, or Japan; a comparison of similar myths or beliefs in two East Asian cultures; or a study of the development and spread of a particular myth, deity, legend, belief, etc across East Asia.
Layout: A4; standard margins
Font: Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial
Font Size: 12 pt
Spacing: Double Spaced
Word Count: MAXIMUM 3000 words. You must provide a word count.
2) Paper based on modern secondary scholarship.
You may build on one of the weekly themes of the module, or identify a different theme of your choice related to the myths and legends of East Asia. The paper must include the following:
– Identify a significant question related to a topic in the study of East Asian myths and legends
– Discussion and assessment of scholarship that has addressed this/related questions
– Make an argument to answer the question you have posed based on your assessment of existing scholarship (and of primary sources if possible)
Source requirement:
Ten to fifteen appropriate sources (books, book chapters, journal articles, or web-based sources, published within the last 30 years) that relate to your topic. At least eight of your sources must be books, book chapters or journal articles.
Knowledge, Understanding & Content (30 pts)—did you choose an appropriate topic and
formulate an argument? did you select appropriate (primary and) secondary sources? did you
demonstrate knowledge of the content of the module? were your sources used effectively and
with understanding of the historical context?
Organisation (30 pts)—is your argument clear? was your essay structured clearly? did the
structure actually support the argument you were making? did you have a proper conclusion?
Critical thinking (20 pts)—was your essay clearly focussed on the research topic? were your
conclusions effectively supported by evidence? was your conclusion reflective of the evidence
presented? is there a critical evaluation of your sources?
Grammar/Spelling (10 pts)—did you express yourself clearly in English with proper spellings
and grammar?
Format (10 pts)—did you follow the format contained within the assignment guidelines i.e. the Chicago Manual of Style?

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