Write an essay on a selected concept from the module series. Examine the theme u

Write an essay on a selected concept from the module series.
Examine the theme under discussion, and then analyse and, crucially, evaluate the concept through the prism of a case study.
These case studies can be based on independent research, or third-party data acquired online e.g. via primary sources, professional reports, advertising information, business records etc.
(Not a pre-written case in an existing academic journal article.)
You could choose any creator whose work you enjoy – this could be an artist like Steve McQueen, or a design company like Margaret Howell, and use the example to demonstrate your understanding of the chosen concepts.
How does your chosen topic – that aspect of creativity – apply to the example?
Students are required to explore the concept under enquiry both theoretically and practically via the empirical illustration.
There are no limits to the combinations and inclusions of topics, the goal is to deliver a meaningful analysis of a case that interests you, using the academic tools of the course.
You might like to consider:
i.How can the creativity in the case be defined, measured?
ii.How is the creativity converted into monetary or social value?
iii.What are the barriers to achievement of creative goals in this context? iv.What is the role of technology in the case – does it have creative value, or
mediate the creative work, or just help distribution or conversion?
v.How do different individuals or organisations contribute in terms of
vi.What creative methods / processes / frameworks are employed? vii.What are the wider meanings or implications of this creative work? viii.What are the environmental, social or economic conditions that support
or limit this creative work?

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