What am I required to do in this proposal? 1. You will write a research proposal

What am I required to do in this proposal?
1. You will write a research proposal in which you present a rationale for your proposed study [250 words approx]
So – you will need to present a rationale for your proposed study, that is, explain your reasons for choosing your research topic, so stating your research question, aims and objectives and considering, for example:
Why does it matter for contemporary UK social work? Here you locate your topic in practice, with reference to relevant reading, and justify it as worthy of investigation.
Why does it matter to you? Think about what sparked your curiosity, and why. This may include personal experience but if you are personally invested in a topic you will need to think carefully about how you manage your existing understandings (relevant for all research, but especially where a topic is personally significant to you), attend to your wellbeing, and maintain a balanced approach and tone.
2. Explain how you will go about it and why [300 words approx]
This is where you present your intended methodology and methods, as you outline your research approach. For example: Literature review or primary work? In either case, what type? What stages will your research comprise? How will you undertake these stages, and why? What tools will you use? Remember that you need to demonstrate that you are making informed decisions about your research so need to include references to your methodological reading.
3. Address the ethical issues and requirements presented by your proposal [250 words approx]
You should reflect both your critical understanding of social research ethics and your commitment to social work values and Anti Oppressive Practice.
You should address the research ethics you will expect to see in the studies you include, with particular reference to your topic, as well as your own research integrity in accurately and fairly presenting others’ work.

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