We have spent the last months learning about many cultures throughout the world

We have spent the last months learning about many cultures throughout the world using ethnographic accounts and gaining a deeper understanding of the methods required for anthropological fieldwork.
For your final assignment, you will be charged with doing VIRTUAL FIELDWORK, gathering data and writing observations which will be used in your final research project; an ethnographic account of a culture/subculture of your choice of which you have had minimal prior knowledge or contact. You task will require you to learn about this culture from either a holistic approach or a more focused “problem based” approach.
The virtual fieldwork you perform will be turned in to me in the form of a paper.
The purpose of this project/assignment is to use the knowledge and skills you are gaining this year to investigate a culture that you might never have known. As you have seen, there are many ways to present an ethnography, many different writing styles, many different approaches.
Use this time to be creative and inquisitive and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
Your work must demonstrate an application of theoretical perspectives and concepts learned in class.
For this project I will give you two options: 1) the traditional; and 2) the non-traditional. I don’t care which one you choose, but I do care that whichever you chose, the final product meets similar informational standards. Your project should contain the following, regardless of the form:
Discussion of methodology and purpose of ethnography
Data and findings
Reference to core terms, ideas and concepts discussed in class (including ethnographies)
Illustrations, maps, diagrams may be included
Self-reflection portion about your experience (1 or 2 paragraphs)
Traditional Option: This is just what it says—a standard academic research paper. It will follow APA standards as much as possible. It should be no more than 10 double-spaced pages (2500 words) including bibliography.

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